A Lady in Kimono with Red Umbrella in Kyoto


So my blog#2 is about… Kyoto again! 

I always wanted to shoot with a model dressed in kimono in Kyoto and finally I did it last month.

As usual, my theme was Everyday Kyoto. I wanted to capture the beauty of the ancient cityscapes with a woman in traditional clothing. I was lucky to shoot with a friend’s friend who was a Kyoto Miss Kimono 2017. She knows so well about kimono and moves so elegantly in that dress. I couldn’t ask for more. She was perfect.

There was more to real Kyoto than that. There seems something mysterious about Kyoto for those living outside of the city. There is something unrevealed for a long time. Something that only locals know. I also tried to express that kind of special vibes through my pictures and I hope that you can get a feel of it.

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